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Freedom is being yourselfInternet Marketing truly gives anyone a chance to break free from a job they hate or a life of struggle.

Before internet marketing people were limited to whatever work they could find locally… in the town where they lived.

The internet has changed everything…. the world has changed forever.

Welcome to the 21st century!

Most people that I know really don’t like their jobs much at all… and it’s obvious to me that more and more people are searching online to find a way to make money using the internet and quit their crappy jobs.

People are beginning to realize they can start their own businesses online and become an entrepreneur…. to be independent…. to have real FREEDOM!

Somewhere inside of every entrepreneur is the burning desire to stop trading their valuable time to build someone else’s brand or make someone else wealthy.

They simply refuse to be an insignificant pawn, being used and discarded.

Entrepreneurs choose to not let someone else define “Their” value… to decide how much they are worth and what they should be paid in life. Instead they dig deep within themselves and do whatever it takes to break free from the “System” and blaze a trail of their own choice…. a path to freedom… a path to experiencing life as “They” can imagine.

The system that so many people find themselves in is a system of slavery… when you are demanded to spend a significant amount of your time doing things for other people in return for the meager wages that give you basic food and shelter… that is slavery.

It is slavery when you don’t have a choice…. when you have to do what others command you to do…or else they threaten to cut you off from the ability to maintain your food and shelter.

Fortunately the digital age has brought a huge sweeping change and the Internet has now changed the world forever.

People are recognizing that they have a choice… that they have a voice in this world…. that they can break free from the “System” and create real leverage for themselves.

Leverage is when you are not trading your time for money on a 1 for 1 basis…. meaning you spend 8 hours working and you get 8 hours of pay commensurate value for the task performed.

The Internet enables technology to create automated systems that duplicate your self thousands or even millions of times over… 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

In the past only fortune 500 companies could gain this type of leverage. Now anyone with an Internet connection and just a little knowledge can produce a massive amount of leverage.

What really makes me driven to help as many people as I can is when I think about the statistics… roughly 90% of the people around the world are unhappy with their jobs and unsatisfied in life. 90%!


Mind conditioning and it’s importance

People are conditioned to believe they are only worth “x” amount because for years that is what the “System” has told them they are worth.  It has been programmed into our subconscious mind since we were small..  with school, movies, tv, news etc..


Change Your Thinking For Real Freedom


Freedom is Mine MisterWhat many people don’t understand is that this conditioning is powerful… and it takes a significant amount of deprogramming for a person to have the proper mindset to achieve success in their lives.


Most people will skip over this point but it literally is THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT I COULD POSSIBLY MAKE!


I can think back in my own life at all the past jobs I have had… and how for decades I would ask myself… “What is my purpose?”… “is this all that I am here on earth to do?” …. I always felt that I was so much more than what I appeared to be.

I can recall so much frustration over the years trying to find a way out of the matrix… to have the freedom to explore my own self…. to learn all the things that I felt were interesting… To have the choice each day to decide for myself what was important.

Every movement begins with an idea…
…a dream… a purpose.


It wasn’t until I finally learned that my own mind was the first place where I needed to begin to change.

I learned that I needed to constantly feed my mind with positive things… to read positive and motivating books daily… I learned that I needed to eliminate all negativity from my life… I learned that I needed to stop watching certain TV shows (especially the news)… I learned that in order for me to be successful I had to re-program my brain first!

Some of you reading this might laugh at this… or say well I like my TV shows… etc…. but you might also ask yourself this question… are you achieving the kind of success you want in life? … I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that.

I’m not trying to be harsh…. but someone has to tell it like it is….

Once you begin to commit to succeeding on a massive scale and you make the daily changes you will see amazing things begin to happen as if by magic… things seem to suddenly line up… opportunities drop into your lap… the stars seem to align each day. It’s really hard to describe… but I’m telling you.. that’s how it works!

Since I have found success with Internet Marketing I have also developed a real sense of purpose in my life that motivates me beyond anything that I have ever experienced… and that is to teach as many other people as I can to break free from the system of slavery.

There is no greater reward for me than listening to someone telling me with tears in their eyes they can quit their job and live a life they always dreamed of… that is priceless!

You are living in an extremely powerful time in human history… the internet gives common people with little more than an internet connection and a computer the opportunity to radically change their lives and the lives of their family.

My advice is to do what ever you have to do to take full advantage of this great opportunity and get yourself free from the system forever…. Your life is waiting!


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