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Why You Must Track Your Affiliate Links

It will be difficult for you to create a profitable business online without using some kind of URL tracking tool.  It would be like a pilot trying to fly an airplane cross country with no instruments or being able to see out the window!
I’m not getting on that plane..


One of the things that held me back the most when I was first starting out was not knowing where sales were actually coming from.  While it was exciting to see some sales coming in, I was guessing at what methods were working and as it turned out I was wrong with almost ALL my guesses.  I wasn’t using any kind tracking URL to track my click throughs so I was just completely in the dark with what was going on with my marketing campaigns.


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At the time I thought it wasn’t really that important to track my links because I figured it would be easy to use simple logic, and that was a huge mistake.  First, when you have only just a few videos, a few blog posts and then some Solo Ads go out you are already totally unable to make any accurate guess as to where a sale is coming from.


Not Tracking Your Links Leads To Inaction


link-tracking-howWhat’s even worse is you start choosing the WRONG place where you THINK sales were coming from and then time or money is wasted because you guessed wrong.  Conversion tracking is part of the game if you want to be profitable, otherwise you are running in circles chasing your tail.


ClickMagick has all the cool features like:

  • Link Cloaking
  • URL Rotator/ Split Testing
  • Custom Domain use
  • Variable Sub-ID (TID ) URL tracking
  • Retargeting pixel embed in links
  • Countdown Timer display on destination page
  • Advanced Click Fraud Monitoring
  • Magic Pop-ups on ANY Link
  • Google Analytics link tracking compatible
  • Facebook Sharing and Sub-Id passing


Then something even worse begins to happen and that is you lose confidence in your ability to create more sales because it seems impossible to keep the ball rolling, when your guesses are just not panning out as you had expected.  So you’re constantly moving in the wrong direction and frustration leads to INACTION.


If you have not experienced this yet.. you will.  If you do not have an accurate way of tracking ALL your links you are sobotaging yourself before you even get started.

I am using a tracking platform now that I wished I had when I first started out.. it would have literally saved me YEARS of struggle.   I could not run my business without it.


ClickMagickIt is called ClickMagick.  Not only does this track all your links with very sophisticated Sub-ID tracking,  Pixel tracking,  but it also has features you just cannot get anywhere else.

It has the ability to add an advanced re-targeting script to any link, which means you can add a Facebook (or any re-targeting pixel) to your link and when someone clicks on your link they are added to your custom audience automatically!   You do not have to create a webpage in order to do this!   It’s all done from just the link itself.


It allows you to add dynamic countdown timers (that remembers when a person first visited a page so when they return it is still counting based on their first visit), to any page you send the visitor to, or even a countdown pop-up will appear over any page you are sending traffic to.  All done from the LINK..  IT creates the added code so the pop-ups or Countdown bar appears over the destination page you are sending them to!


It  has multi-mode link rotators so you can split test multiple offers or landing pages at once,  you can also use your own domains,  cloak your links,  and it has full reporting on EXACTLY where your traffic is coming from (country, IP, Browser) and even advanced click fraud monitoring so you will never get scammed on fraudulent traffic again.

That is just a small fraction of what this tracking platform can do.  It has features that will literally blow your mind!   (..and the price is so low it’s insane to try running an online business without it.)


If I had started using this kind of tracking (it wasn’t even available when I was starting out) I would have NEVER struggled for so long.

After years of experience looking back, NOT TRACKING all of my links was maybe my biggest mistake.  If you get nothing else from this article make sure you are using some kind of tracking system in your business.. it is NOT optional when you seriously consider how the internet works.


Internet Marketing is all about getting tons of links out there in as many places as you possibly can.. right? 

Then finding areas of success and doing more of what is working until you finally have hundreds of little links that are all working for you 24/7.


How are you going to keep adding more campaigns when you are already over your head with 3 or 4??

It would be like a football team putting a blindfold over the coaches eyes and ear plugs in, then asking him to figure out which players he should keep or which shouldn’t make the team!   Crazy right..?

Hopefully I have made my point loud and clear..  I wouldn’t have put this much effort into this point, if it were not such a terrible mistake for me in the beginning.


Click this link and at least go check it out… for the love of pete!!



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