Missing Law Of Attraction Key – Why It Has Not Worked For You!

The Power of Belief

The Law Of Attraction is a very popular term these days especially since the movie call “The Secret” was created, however most people have really not had the kind of breakthrough success that they were promised after watching the movie.

Unfortunately for most people they assume that all they have to do is “think positive thoughts” and all their dreams will magically come true.

If you have tried and had little success it’s because you are not applying the hidden key to the formula!

Are you ready for the most important element to unlock the success that you completely deserve?

Here it is..  BELIEF!  You see belief is the important ingredient in the formula because without it you will not take action.  If you have ever wondered why you know what to do..  but you just can’t seem to get your self to actually take action.

Call it procrastination or whatever.. the fact is you simply WILL NOT TAKE ACTION if you don’t BELIEVE that what you are doing will actually work!

Beliefs Dictate Our Behavior

There’s a fantastic book from Steve Siebold called “How Rich People Think” that I highly recommend you read because he breaks down the differences between how the common person thinks and what he calls the “World Class” or Rich People.

He spent many years interviewing some of the most wealthy people on this planet to figure out what made them different than people who lived in constant struggles and what he found is that it has little to do with intelligence at all, but instead it all boils down to how they THINK!  “consciousness is contagious” as he says..  which is why it is so important to spend your time with people who are wealth minded rather than those who are constantly grumbling about how terrible things are.

Getting back to Belief…

How many books have been written or videos made about procrastination..  there are countless of them and they all seem to teach how to be a more effective time manager or how to be more efficient at squeezing in more productive activities into your day.. but they are all missing the most important thing, and that is:


It is 100% because you don’t believe that doing it will really make a difference.. so you choose to do something that gives you temporary please instead.

It’s that simple..  until you can change your belief system you will literally self sabotage yourself into failure!

All the willpower in the world will not change your actions..  because “ACTIONS ARE DICTATED BY BELIEF!!”
How do you change your Beliefs???

Missing Law Of Attraction Key – Why It Has Not Worked For You!

You change your beliefs by reading daily and listening to audio’s that constantly reinforce your mind with positive affirmations and thought provoking ideas that cause you to change your habits..

Have you ever noticed how all the ultra successful people are voracious readers?  It is not by accident I can assure you.  Reading expands your mind to the higher levels of consciousness and changes you way you perceive your environment.

When you begin to see life with an optimistic and resourceful point of view you take different actions, which lead to positive results.. which then lead to momentum.. which then generates more energy and even more action still!

It really is true that we create our own reality..  but it is not by just saying positive statements or reciting affirmations like a robot..  you have to BELIEVE first.. then you will take action.

This is why it is so important to to take small steps toward your goal as tiny tests so that you begin to receive data along the way..  and then make small changes to gather even more data as you learn more on your journey.

Nearly every person who is failing to have success in their life are people who are stuck in analysis paralysis..  and it is because they are learning theory without actually testing themselves.

Motion creates more motion..  testing and trying things out will inspire you to come up with ideas that you would not have come up with had you just sat back and thought about it..  you have to change your belief about whether or not something will work and the only way to do that is to prove it to yourself one way or another.

Proof is in the pudding as they say..  and once you have proof there will be no stopping you!

Change your beliefs today and let the action begin to gain momentum in your life and I promise you won’t recognize your life one year from today..

Your only limitations are those that you set in your own mind!


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