Money and The Law of Attraction – Understanding “The System”

Attracting AbundanceBelow is a video about Money and The Law of Attraction and should be required viewing for everyone who really wants to understand “Money” and having abundance in your life.

Please do not think because this video is old that you won’t learn anything.  Just the opposite…!


Stuart Wilde has done a brilliant job of laying out some things that might shock some of you who have not done your homework on how this world operates and has operated for thousands of years.

It it extremely important to learn what Stuart teaches in this video because then you will understand WHY almost everyone has these limiting thoughts that hold them back from wealth and abundance.

You literally MUST change your thought patterns before you can achieve wealth… !!

I have literally done thousands of hours of research on this very topic and Stuart does a masterful job of eloquently laying out EXACTLY how this world operates.  He explains how there are a very few entities that control the earth and the system is designed to keep mankind struggling… as he describes, “just above the revolution level”.


“The World We Live In Is Owned By about 500 Entities”

Some of you who are reading this right now might be a little sceptical on this.. but you really have to understand the big picture first, once you do it will all fall into place for you.

These concepts are why most people fail to have abundance in their lives.. and until they realize that they have been lied to on a massive scale they most likely will never be able to break free from the limited thinking that keeps them grinding away in jobs they hate.

Thought become things-These are Esoteric Concepts that will allow your mind to re-program itself… so you begin to think of yourself as a being of unlimited resources.

The physical plane that we live in is an illusion… the scarcity of money and resources are an illusion!

Your mindset about self worth and what you believe you are worth dictates how much money will come to you.

No matter how hard you work. money will not come to you in large quantities until you reprogram your subconscious mind!

Please watch this video all the way to
the end.. and awaken your mind!

…More great quotes from Stuart Wilde:

All The Governments Have Let Down All The People All The Time

Basically.. Governments Are Individuals Who Are Looking After Their Own Interests

If You Don’t believe That Then You Haven’t Done Your Homework On History

I hope you watched the video all the way through to the end…. it’s very powerful and will help change the way you look at the system in which we live.

Once a person recognizes that we all have been taught to limit our idea’s of what’s possible from a very young age..  many times unknowingly by our own family.    Don’t even get me started about school… after all.. schools are run by the Governments!

Academia CREATES limited thinking and breeds the perfect obedient sheeple to follow the system perfectly.

Believe in yourself and understand that YOU are a transcendent being with unlimited power to accomplish anything that you desire!

Lastly…. for god’s sake…  find something that you are really passionate about and throw yourself into with reckless abandon…!

If you are tired of working at a job that you don’t like then why in the world would you be promoting products online that you don’t believe in?  That’s like having another crappy job for crying out loud.

The Sun in your handHaving passion and believing 1000% in what you are doing will drive you to push through the “Grind” period that we all have to go through when just starting out.

The Grind is getting from zero to a steady predictable income… once you get through the grind you will find that it get’s much easier once you surpass certain levels.  It’s actually kind of spooky…   partly because your thoughts begin to reaffirm that anything really is possible and then money just starts flowing faster and faster to you… almost like magic!

You must have CLEAR INTENTIONS about what it is that you want..!

Communicate with yourself constantly about exactly what you want to achieve and speak to yourself as if it has already happened.. as if you are already that person.  Your subconscious mind does not know the difference.. it literally magnetizes the people, money and resources to you to carry out what you have created in your mind!

Quantum physics has already proven that everything in the universe is all made up from the same stuff…


Information and Energy!

Let me break that down for you…

When you create a thought…. That’s INFORMATION!

When you add Emotion (Passion) to that thought it is ENERGY!

Scientists have actually used extremely powerful microscopes and witnessed tiny trails suddenly blink into existence right before their eyes when measuring a persons thought patterns.

In other words… when someone was not thinking about anything at all nothing registered, and then when they began to think really passionately about an idea tiny trails began popping into existence from total nothingness!

It’s scientifically proven that thoughts from a human mind turn into real tangible – measurable things which suddenly blink into reality.  These tiny beings of energy grow… and expand!

Just because they are not visible to the human eye does not mean they are not incredibly powerful…  they can become so powerful that they can produce what ever reality that you can create within your mind… FACT!

Move forward with a purpose and understand that you have the power within you to create anything you want..

Dream really BIG… YOU CAN DO IT!!  

Manifestation Miracle    


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