Network Marketing… So.. you think it’s a scam right…


So… I just had to put this video up for all you that still think Network Marketing is a scam



Then… there’s this video from Robert Kiyosaki… He wrote the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”… He mentions Network Marketing a number of times in this video.  You should take the time to watch all of it.  He makes some really good points.



I could go on and on with many other very wealthy people coming out and saying that Network Marketing is most definitely the best choice for people who want to start a home business.

Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and many others have endorsed Network Marketing.

Here’s the main point that I would like to make regarding Network Marketing.   Every 90 seconds someone.. somewhere in the world is starting a new home based business…. every 90 seconds!

The internet and the “Digital Age” that we now live in has leveled the playing field and made it possible for anyone with an internet connection to create massive wealth for themselves.  You just need to have a willingness to learn and not be a quitter.

If you want to start a home based business using the power of the internet makes the most sense… and then it’s just a matter of choosing a product to sell…. after all… money has to change hands at some point if you plan on making money, right?

Make Money OnlineSo here’s where many people fail when they choose to do “affiliate marketing” … they are firstly all alone with no one to learn from and they are bouncing from one product to another just trying to blast as many links as possible out there on products they know nothing about… nor want to know anything about.

Secondly… they are usually getting anywhere from 5% to 8% commissions if they are promoting Amazon physical products or as high as 75% commissions with Clickbank…  but the competition is high and you need volume in order to ever generate a full time income doing it that way.

When you choose the “Loner” affiliate route… it’s an “every man for himself” game.. and no one wants to let you know the secrets… what’s the incentive of actually telling what is really working?

Easy MoneyThink about that… If you found a secret angle that was bringing in lots of sales you are going to keep that shit quiet!

Why would you run out and start telling everyone your secret weapon for making easy money?

Instead… what actually happens is the “Guru’s” come out with courses telling people all the out dated stuff that used to work… so they keep you busy long enough to rake in the easy money cash a bit longer on their new method.

Now lets compare Network Marketing… and more specifically… The Empower Network.

You join someone who has a vested interest in you becoming successful… so You are going to receive all the help you want not only from the direct sponsor above you, but the people who sponsored them…

Not only that you will receive 100% commissions… what’s better than 100%….  eeerrrr NOTHING!

You will also be representing products and a company that is awesome… and you will have focus… and passion..

Or you could take the affiliate route where you are trying to sell the product of the day…. the xyz widget….. yawn… yeah..  that’s real exciting…  NOT!

I struggled for years trying the affiliate marketing route… and I know how difficult it is… and I learned the hard way that you need to find something you are passionate about and focus like a laser beam on it.

The trick for me… is that I needed to find something that I believed in… if I was going to dive head first into ONE THING… and give it my full attention… it had to be awesome…

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