Paid Traffic Methods and Sources

This has to be the most common problem for nearly all internet marketers.

The Best Methods and Sources for Paid Traffic to Your Website


The answer actually is that it’s EASY to buy targeted traffic to your to your website..  in fact it’s the easiest it’s ever been since the start of online marketing!

You say..  HUH?  It’s true.. years ago only fortune 500 companies with huge advertising budgets had access to traffic, but these days there are literally thousands of platforms, vendors and ways to get traffic in smaller and smaller quantities.

You can set up a Facebook ad campaign with a daily spend of $2 if you wanted to.

You can buy a Solo ad for 25 clicks that cost you just $10 or less if you know where to find them.

You can create a Bing Ads campaign targeting EXACT MATCH keywords to precisely target your ideal visitor for a few dollars per day.

You can place banner ads on thousands of websites that are where your ideal customer is already hanging out!

I could go on for ever with all the different ways to go get traffic.


Paid traffic is the best method for testing offers and can be extremely profitably quickly if you do it right..  The problem for most marketers is they are doing it all wrong!


It’s NOT Traffic that is your problem.. It’s CONVERSION!

What most failing marketers are actually getting wrong is CONVERSION!

If you are not converting your visitors into leads and sales then you cannot AFFORD to go get more traffic.. right?

As the very successful Internet Marketer Russell Brunson says..

“Amateurs always focus on the front end, while the pros focus on the back end”.

What he is talking about there is that what most failing marketers are doing wrong is they are trying to generate a profit by just marketing a single front end offer.. and when they can’t seem to turn a profit they say “this crap doesn’t work!”

Basically you almost NEVER to get into profit with your front end offer, you need to collect an email and then continue to market to them in a sales funnel with multiple offers that are all highly congruent with your original Freebie that got them onto your list in the beginning.

Most people are always trying to get cheaper traffic so they can finally make a profit.  They are just doing it all wrong.

Hostgator understands this very well!

Take Host Gator for an example..  they offer an affiliate up to $125 commission for a customer who signs up for a $5 per month host account!   They do this because they know over time that customer is going to be worth FAR MORE than $125!

It’s not so how much you are paying (although it is important) for a click, but instead, how well you are CONVERTING those visitors over time into a paying customer.


Conversion is where the focus needs to be.  In order to create a killer sales funnel you just have to come up with a really good freebie offer to gain a subscriber to your list and then have a well thought out plan right from the start as to which upsell offers you can place in a follow up sequence that are extremely valuable to your new subscriber.

If you do this right, you will be able to track the sales deep into your sales funnel and figure out what your true LTCV (Lifetime Customer Value) is..  which will enable you to go buy traffic at a loss initially, yet be very profitable after a short time in the followup sequence.

This is how the pros do it..   Ever think about why all the Guru marketers are offering up to 100% commission for their front end offers?

Because they know that they can get affiliates to do all the hard work for them!   Affiliates usually run around with their hair on fire trying to market all these front end deals to see if they can finally get one to HIT..  all the while the product owner is getting rich with all the back end sales pouring in from his funnel.. that affiliates generated for him FREE!

Up-sell OffersSo the moral to the story is.. Start Creating An Effective Sales Funnel and  TRACK your links so you know what the hell is going on with sales coming in.  One of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning is NOT using some type of tracking platform, so I had no clue where sales were coming from.

How are you ever going to scale up when you are just guessing about where sales are coming from??

Once you know with certainty where a sale was generated from it’s easy to calculate all your important data points which are:

  • Cost Per Lead, which is how much did it cost to acquire the opt-in subscriber.
  • Conversion percentage on the front end offer.
  • Conversion percentage on the first upsell offer.
  • Conversion percentage on the second upsell offer.
  • Conversion percentage on the third upsell offer.


You really need to have at least three upsell offers in your follow up email sequence that are staged so that as your customer grows more comfortable with you and trust is building you are able to sell them more expensive stuff along the way.


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Let’s see.. where were we..  Oh yeah..

You wouldn’t walk up to someone on the street that you thought was attractive and ask them to marry you.. right??

Same goes for internet marketing.. you have to BUILD TRUST and slowly place high quality offers in front of them with YOUR blessing so to speak.  Since they are now feeling like you might be a person who they should listen to, they will take a look at the offers you present them with a different feeling then if they just to stumble across it without a recommendation from someone they trust.. you see?

Once you grasp this concept you will be able to read your data (again if you are tracking it properly) and KNOW with certainty how much you can afford to spend to acquire a customer for every funnel you create.

Then comes the fun!

Now once you have tested your sales funnel and have enough data to figure out all your metrics you can go out and step on the throttle and buy large quantities of traffic from multiple sources and really start scaling your profits big time!

So there you have it..  Traffic and Sales Funnel lessons to get you into Profits!

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